Yes, hello!
I’ve decided that it’s time I have my try at commissions!
I know I’m mediocre, but I’d like to earn some profit little by little to pay for my own stuff.

Sketches! (.50¢- .75¢Sketches will be like the 3rd example. No color, a little less detail. Short and sweet.

Busts! ($1.00) I’ve only got the two examples above. It can either look like the speech bubble one, or the latter. By that, I mean you can request whether there be additional details (like dimples), as well as the speech bubble with your favorite one-liner! If it’s requested to be colored, it’s an extra .25¢

Full Body! ($2) Now, you’ve noticed the only one that fits this description is the sketch, but I promise it’ll look better than that. If I get around to an example, I’ll be sure to update this post. If you’d like it colored, it’s an additional .50¢.

You can contact me about the commissions through my e-mail (
or through asks and mail here!

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